Blackmass Plastics, a veteran to many a scene, first came to prominence for his releases with the Dead Silence Collective, co-collaborating on some of their early releases for Audio Illusion & SMB records France. At that time it was hard edged mutant drum & bass and rapid fire electro. He later established his own label ‘Thorn Industries’ now currently on its third release.

Being an artist with a breadth of influences from early 90's rave to 80's electro/industria, Blackmass Plastics diversified, keeping an ear to the ground. It’s been a natural progression and recent years has seen a move into modern electro and mutated dub-step.

The ‘Weedgrinder EP' was Blackmass's debut release for Rag & Bone. 4 tracks demonstrating his ability to carve out some unique dancefloor action. ‘Tek-Tech’ points to the old school, ‘Wax On Wax Off’ gets breaky, ‘Failed Systems’ is pure electro step, and ‘Fire At Will’ is a serious monster tune with echoes of d&b.

In 2005 with the help of Cristophe Fringeli from Praxis records, Blackmass Plastics set up a new label - Dirty Needles, and has so far has released 3 EPs with contributions from artists such as Ronin, Dexorcist and Controlled Weirdness.

In 2006 Blackmass Plastics releases his second 12" for Rag & Bone - THE FOUR ACES EP, continuing where he left off with 4 solid faultless tracks. Listen >>>

A1: Beatings
A2: Impakted
B1: Freak House
B2: Runnit



One also to definitely check; Blackmass Plastics - Southside Rules EP on FDB Records France.




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